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Feature Spotlight: Volunteer Tracking In Bloomerang


As mentioned in our previous post on volunteer management, we here at OneTenth feel strongly that your volunteer data should be tightly integrated with your donors and other constituents.  Even if you do not plan to solicit your volunteers for donations, your CRM can track and manage all aspects of your volunteer’s engagement and allow you to capture key metrics, so your volunteers are getting the recognition they deserve.

Nearly all CRMs offer a volunteer module.  For some, they are included in the standard subscription, while others offer them as an add-on component for a fee.  Today’s blog will focus on Bloomerang’s Volunteer Tracking Functionality.

Although Bloomerang does not have a separate Volunteer module per se, it’s intuitive interface and easy ability to create fields, signup forms, and emails really gives a fundraiser all the critical tools to manage a volunteer program and manage it well!

Like most other CRMs, Bloomerang allows you to capture specific volunteer-related information for a constituent (skills, availability, interest, etc.), and has extensive reporting and emailing capabilities, but here are some of the unique features that excite us!

Users have the ability to track volunteer activities on a constituent's timeline.  And when a volunteer activity is flagged as “Initiated By Constituent”, this interaction will be incorporated in to Bloomerang’s "engagement level" algorithm.  So this can essentially give a higher weight for a volunteer who proactively reaches out compared to someone who just responds to an email volunteer request.  

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Engagement Level is a unique feature of Bloomerang that can offer a ton of insight to fundraisers, and we love how this is not driven off donations alone, but volunteer activities too!

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Bloomerang has a pre-built website integration for Volunteer Sign-Ups, which can easily capture basic constituent information, volunteer interest, skills etc.  Then upon saving, the volunteer will be matched against existing constituents in the database (or created new) and an activity will be longed in their timeline.  A standard set of confirmation emails will go to both the volunteer and an internally designated recipient.

Bloomerang also has a pre-built website integration for volunteer activity tracking.  This allows volunteers to log their hours after an event, which gets tracked on the constituent's record in the database.  Not only does this take a bit of the work off your volunteer coordinator, but also provides valuable insights over time, allowing your nonprofit to rank and recognize volunteers who have contributed the most time toward your organization.  It also allows you to quantify the value of your volunteer programming efforts.

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Want more control over how hours get logged?  No problem, Bloomerang’s import tool allows you to easily load volunteer hours in case you want to load en masse, or want more control over the data that’s entered.

For both the volunteer sign-up and activity tracking functionality, the user is not redirected from your website to a Bloomerang-hosted site, instead, the forms are created in Bloomerang using it’s point and click tools.  Once complete, a code snippet is generated, which can be seamlessly inserted in your nonprofit’s website, inheriting all your existing branding.

Where Bloomerang focuses more on the sign-ups, activity tracking, and communication with volunteers, it does not focus on the scheduling of volunteers or management of the volunteer event itself.  For that, you may want to look in to a more comprehensive solution like Volunteers for Salesforce

Although Bloomerang may not have as many volunteer features as some of the other applications we've reviewed, it is the intuitiveness of the interface and ease of use of the Bloomerang platform that really makes it sing!

Wondering if Bloomerang is right for you?  Or want to compare with other CRMs?  Let us help you find the right solution for your nonprofit.  Contact us today!