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Feature Spotlight: NeonCRM's Workflows


As we here at OneTenth review more and more donor management systems and Nonprofit CRMs in the marketplace, it seems that product managers have thought about everything! From how gift processors batch transactions, to the multi-step process of associating corporate matching gifts with donors, to the variety of soft crediting and accounting processes out there, CRMs now offer most of this functionality right “out of the box” to support the growing needs of nonprofits.  

But despite the progress and evolution of the CRM, nonprofits still find themselves spending a considerable amount of time performing manual actions. Whether it’s the unique way your nonprofit codes a certain type of gift, or the "post-processing" that needs to happen to close out a batch or a certain set of activities that need to take place once a donor becomes lapsed - often times the manual tasks stack up to the point where the original efficiencies gained by the CRM are somewhat lost.

With low cost donor management systems, the “out of the box” functionality is feature-rich, but enhancing the system to meet these unique "exceptions" are limited, or not possible at all.  Whereas in the higher-end/open source systems, anything is possible...users can build automations and workflows to their heart’s content, but it may require a programming skill-set, may break other custom code, or prevent you from taking advantages of future product upgrades.

Recognizing this, NeonCRM has recently introduced their “Workflows” feature that sets the right balance between providing flexibility to the user in creating advanced automation sequences, yet still with enough boundaries around the functionality so there is no downstream impact.

To give you a glimpse of this feature, users start by selecting whether they want the workflow driven by an event (ex. donation received, new event registration, etc.), a date (ex. donor’s birthday), or a condition (ex. custom query):


The user then selects a target, or an audience of constituents that the workflow is intended to apply to (ex. donors who have given over $500 in the last 6 months)


Finally, the user selects the action that should be performed once the criteria is met:


NeonCRM provides a series of pre-built actions you can choose from, each with their own set of sub-steps, including “If Then” statements.  As you can SQL, no custom code, no guesswork.

  • Workflows can be created to route certain donors to specific major gift officers based on their activity.  
  • Workflows can be created to send custom thank you emails based on giving amount.
  • Workflows can be created to alert the account owner if a life event is recorded on a constituent’s record.  

The opportunities are endless!  And from an administration perspective, workflows keep a full history of the actions performed, can be cloned to help create similar workflows in the future, and can deactivated and reactivated at any time.

What we love about NeonCRM’s workflow capability is how it enables and empowers the fundraiser!  This feature allows them to be more proactive with their donor engagement, save time on manual tasks, while also being less reliant on IT or “after-the-fact” reporting.

Check out these links to learn more about NeonCRM, the workflow feature, or their pricing structure for workflows (you get one free with your subscription).

To learn whether NeonCRM is right for your nonprofit or how it fits in your overall fundraising strategy, give OneTenth a call for a free consultation.