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Feature Spotlight: Bloomerang's Donor Engagement Surveys


Even with more donor management systems and nonprofit CRMs entering the market, there still appears to be a clear consensus amongst vendors as to what “core functionality” should consist of.  In comparing systems, you’ll find 80-90% of the systems contain the same features. This means that most of the differentiators have less to do with core capabilities, and instead focus on interoperability with third-party apps and user-interface. Bloomerang, with its unique approach of mixing fundraising science with technology, continues to separate itself from the pack - this time with it’s new core feature, Engagement Surveys.

Now Bloomerang users have the ability to send surveys to donors to measure their satisfaction with your nonprofit.  Custom surveys can be sent out manually or automated based on whether the constituent is a new new, existing, or lapsed donor.


Fundraising experts have warned us for years about the importance of donor retention and how poorly nonprofits have fared in engaging donors beyond the first gift, but Bloomerang takes us a step further than just reporting on donor intention rates, they’ve given us insight we can act on right away.

Donor surveys help nonprofits understand what’s working, what’s not working, and where more attention needs to be focused.  It touches on an area that few CRMs delve in to, but is one of the most important things nonprofits need to measure...impact.

Most nonprofits we talk to love the idea of donor surveys, but rarely have the expertise to craft one that will resonate with donors, let alone the time to manage and measure responses. Bloomerang users can now leave this to the experts, as each variation of the survey comes with a predefined set of questions based on the expertise of donor retention expert, Dr. Adrian Sargeant.  And of course, all draft emails to the donor can be checked against the Ahern audit, that measures communication against vital criteria to ensure the language is donor-centric.

Our favorite aspect of the surveys is how the results are translated in to affinity scores and dashboards so donor satisfaction can be analyzed over time.  And since the engagement surveys are already integrated with Bloomerang’s email marketing tool, there is no need for third-party integrations or leaving the system to get this valuable insight.


While many CRMs focus on breadth of functionality, there is no doubt that Bloomerang focuses on depth.  Their focus is on cultivating strong relationships with donors, and making the experience easy and intuitive for system users.  And Bloomerang’s engagement surveys are a perfect example of this! ~

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