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Top 5 Favorite Features in Salesforce's Summer '19 Release


If you’re like most nonprofits we work with, you've probably been super busy planning for fundraising events or covering for your colleagues on vacation this Summer. Which means you probably haven’t had a chance to peruse the 541 pages of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes! So…we’ve summarized the Top 5 features we’re excited about for our nonprofit and mission-driven customers.


In-App Guidance (Beta). If you know our team here at OneTenth, you know how important Change Management is to us. In nearly all our implementations, we recommend tools like “WalkMe” to provide in-app guidance for “just in time” training. Whether it’s text, video, or a gif - In-App Guidance can remind or instruct a user on how to perform a variety of tasks - from how to log a soft credit, to adding a relationship for a board member, or coding a matching gift. Let’s face it, it’s impossible for users to remember everything they learned during training after the rollout. Salesforce’s In-App Guidance feature will keep bite-size training content right at your user’s fingertips. And all of this helps reinforce consistency in how data is entered - a key component to maintaining data integrity!


My Team’s Tasks. Although a super-simple addition, we love seeing Salesforce build in to the core product common configurations we’ve done for our clients. The “My Team’s Task” feature allows you (within a click) to see all the tasks assigned to your team. This is critical for development officers to get a quick glance at all the moves management activity happening across the team, or for portfolio managers to quickly see all the activity happening across their team members for large accounts. It allows you to stay on top of what’s done…and more importantly, what’s not!

Row Level Formulas (Beta). Although it’s still in beta, we’re loving the new Row Level Formula capabilities. Say you’re looking to aggregate survey results but want to compare it against a benchmark. Or you want to compare "ask amounts" with "received amounts” across all your giving this quarter. That formula no longer needs to be created as a separate field in order to be brought in to reports. You can now create that formula directly in the report itself! This puts more capabilities in the hands of report-writers and power users, one less thing the admin needs to worry about!

Notification Builder. Previously users were limited to a specific set of use cases for notifications to be sent via Process Builder, now you have the ability to send out a custom notification. Need to be notified when a volunteer applicant hasn’t attend training? No problem! A process builder can check to see if an applicant hasn’t been flagged as a training attendee and send reminders to staff for follow-up as needed.

Historical Tracking Reports In Lightning. Now that Lightning is being widely adopted across nonprofits, many are clamoring for some of the key features we enjoyed in Salesforce Classic. We’re excited to see Historical Tracking Reports now available in Lightning. With this addition, you no longer need to switch back to Salesforce Classic to create meaningful reports on how your fundraising performance is changing over time.

Interestingly enough, all of the features above are platform enhancements and are designed to benefit all customers using Salesforce, across all industries…not just nonprofits. This speaks to one of the key value propositions of the Salesforce solution. While the nonprofit team continues to evolve NPSP and enhance its batch capabilities to to support larger volume organizations, the core platform itself is still improving - and there’s much for nonprofits to take advantage of!


And one “Honorable Mention”…Virtual Confetti! Okay, okay, the tech nerds on our team didn’t find this too exciting, but putting ourselves in the shoes of a major gift officer who has spent a year cultivating a relationship, making a difficult ask, and finally securing a large gift…that definitely calls for confetti! This virtual celebration can be enabled whenever a user reaches a designated place on the Sales Path. Thoughtful feature by our friends at Salesforce!

We hope you enjoy the Summer ’19 release! If you’d like to chat about any of the features above or the Summer ’19 release in general, feel free to send us an email or give us a call!

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