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About Us

It's not about us...

It's not about us, it's about you...

At OneTenth consulting, we want to hear from YOU -  the end user, the administrator, the fundraiser, the major gift officer, the chief development officer, the CIO and all other stakeholders who work with or rely on your data every day.  

By understanding day to day challenges at the individual level, we can help define solutions that not only solve organizational challenges but also enhance the user experience.  We believe strongly that when end users are happy and efficient, it motivates them and frees them up for more meaningful work, ultimately, advancing and elevating  your cause.  

A holistic approach

It is no surprise that CRM implementations have a high failure rate.  And non-profits face another disadvantage where IT support and expertise is limited when on-boarding a new CRM system.  As a result, the selected product often falls short of the strategic need of the organization, or it is implemented with “shortcuts” to meet tight timelines and budget.  Often times, clients simply end up with a “product”, without any best practices or knowledge transfer on how it can most effectively meet your organization’s strategic needs.  This is why OneTenth offers a holistic approach in addressing all facets of your technology needs - strategy, product, project management, and user adoption.

Why us?

Many consultants in the marketplace have strategic fundraising expertise, but lack product knowledge and implementation experience.  While other consultants can speak to the technology, but don’t know what it’s like to be a strategic decision maker at a nonprofit.  OneTenth brings all sides of this practical experience to the table.  We are staffed with consultants who are technology experts, but also have practical experience working for nonprofits or serving on nonprofit boards.  And this starts with our CEO & Founder, Rubin Singh.

An extension of your team

Despite our deep experience and rich skill set, OneTenth understands that every nonprofit is different and faces unique challenges.  OneTenth approaches each engagement with empathy and understanding.  We do not consider ourselves just consultants, but instead, an extension of your team.  Our aim is to partner with you on solutions that tie in to your mission, brand, and culture.