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Elevating You
Elevating Your Cause

Elevating You
Elevating Your Cause

Running a nonprofit can be very daunting...

You are constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve your mission while meeting fundraising goals, engaging with donors, measuring impact, and keeping your employees happy...or at least not burnt out.  Expectations are high and the stakes are higher.  

Unfortunately, nonprofits are trying to accomplish all of this with a tenth of the resources of our for-profit counterparts.  At OneTenth consulting, we understand this challenge and we believe the power of cloud technology paired with the right strategy can transform your organization - from getting a 360 degree view of your constituents, to uncovering key insights, to facilitating donor communication - ultimately helping you achieve your fundraising goals and advancing your mission.  

OneTenth makes cloud technology accessible to nonprofits of all sizes.  Our wide range of services adapt to the needs of your organization and resource constraints.  By enabling and empowering nonprofits through our consulting services, we work to ensure your “one tenth” realizes its full potential.



blueprinting & product selection

Not sure what's right for you?  With so many options available in the marketplace, OneTenth’s knowledge of cloud-based CRM solutions will help your nonprofit find the right tool and approach to meet your strategic needs.

strategic guidance

You've gone what?  What are you doing to ensure business processes are aligned with the new system, the data is kept clean, and the system is being regularly enhanced and improved to meet the growing needs of your nonprofit?  Let us evaluate and address your ongoing needs and ensure your getting the most of your system.

Training & User Adoption

The success of a CRM implementation hinges on how well it is rolled out and integrated within your nonprofit.  Let our experts design a user adoption program that fits with your organization's culture and style.

Project management

Ready to kick-off?  Let us serve as your independent project manager representing your nonprofit’s mission and strategic goals, while adhering to your budget and timeline.

Implementation Support

Need to get up and running quickly?  Let us help you onboard a donor management tool to meet your immediate needs, and chart out a plan to scale for the future.



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