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blueprinting & product selection


Is your nonprofit new to CRM?  Or are you struggling with your legacy system?  OneTenth will guide you through strategic discussions to determine your most critical needs.  Our methodology and blueprint framework is more than “requirements gathering”, it is an exercise in self-reflection.  The outcome will be a clear view of your critical system needs with the granularity needed to evaluate available technologies.   OneTenth’s knowledge of cloud-based CRM solutions and donor management tools in the marketplace will help your nonprofit find the right tool and approach to meet your strategic needs.



Need to get up and running quickly?  Let our implementation support services onboard you with a CRM or donor management system in a short time frame.  Although OneTenth Consulting serves nonprofits agnostic of any product, to accelerate organizations who are new to the Cloud and CRM, we partner with leading CRM & donor management systems. Partner products will only be recommended when prospective customers have basic CRM needs and minimal data management requirements, Our list of partner products is a constantly evolving one as OneTenth is always monitoring the market for innovative nonprofit CRM tools that meet the needs of our customers.

project Management


For organizations that need a seasoned project manager to lead their implementation or ensure external vendors always have your best interests in mind, OneTenth will serve as your independent project manager.  We will represent your nonprofit’s mission and strategic goals, while adhering to your budget and timeline.

Training & User Adoption


Is your system "live", but you're not sure what you have?  Is your team reverting back to their spreadsheets?  The success of a CRM implementation hinges on how well it is rolled out and integrated within your nonprofit?  Let our experts design a user adoption program that fits with your organization's culture and style.   Our training offering covers a variety of formats from in-person sessions, workshops, webinars, and recorded "how-to" videos.  Our team can adapt the curriculum to the unique needs of your nonprofit.  Beyond training, OneTenth takes a holistic look at user adoption and ensures your implementation is set up for long-term success from the moment your project kicks off!



A solution can only be successful if it is adapting to the evolving needs of your nonprofit.  As priorities change and strategies evolve, your technology needs to follow suit. Technology is constantly changing and new products are surfacing at a rapid pace - nonprofits can’t be expected to always keep up. OneTenth Consulting offers an ongoing, retainer-based service to help you regularly evaluate and address your ongoing needs. By constantly monitoring the innovations in the nonprofit tech space and periodic check-ins with your team, we can ensure you are always getting the most out of your technology. Services span from tactical support for your implementation team to a sounding board for your leadership team.